Renovating Homes

Renovations are a major undertaking and it’s important to plan every detail in advance. You have seen The Block, or other renovation programs, and it is easy to get it wrong.

Consulting with professionals can save you time and money down the track by avoiding the need to reverse any work done in error.

One of the biggest issues homeowners face is incorrect placement of power points and light switches.

Master Electricians Australia has provided 10 tips to think about before your next project to avoid these simple mistakes.

  1. Make an appointment with your builder or architect and your electrician to discuss want you want from your electrical system
  2. Introduce energy efficiencies and reduce running costs by having an energy audit conducted, looking at different tariff options, and installation of automatic lighting controls
  3. Get a written quote for the work that has been agreed to, including time frames and warranty of work and products installed
  4. Ensure there is insurance cover before entering a contract
  5. Confirm with the electrician where you want power points and light switches to be located
  6. Discuss the type of finish you want with the look of power points and light switches. You do not have to choose white, white or white
  7. Consider having surge protection installed, particularly if you live in an area with high summer storm activity
  8. Think about upgrading older homes from outdated meter panels and ceramic fuses to modern non-toxic meter panels and safety switches
  9. Make sure everything is written down and all parties have a copy for later referral
  10. Ask the professional for advice, they’re trained to know best outcomes and have lots of experience. But keep in mind that it is your renovation, so subject to regulations and safety you have the final say on where items are placed.

We are a licensed contractor so give us a call when you are considering renovations.