Air Conditioning

The temperature in SouthEast Queensland can range from cold to hot, and depends if you live at Montville. or down at Nambour. We are skilled at supplying and installing air-conditioning.

Creating a comfortable environment in your home is a decision more and more  Sunshine Coast families are making. Unlike decades ago when air conditioning was considered expensive to buy and install, recent times have seen home air conditioning become extremely popular as it’s become affordable, very efficient and adds value to your home. However, the decision of what type of air conditioning to buy is sometimes difficult as lifestyles, differing home designs and requirements differ from person to person.

With 20  years in the electrical industry, we offer our impartial information, experience and knowledge in this website to help you decide the best type of air conditioning for your home and family. Consumers who are buying air conditioning for the first time often get confused by the many different types of Air conditioning systems. During the past 5-years there has been enormous innovation & technology improvements driven by demand for improved efficiencies and home design concepts. Set out below is a brief summary on the different types of air conditioning products available. From this page you can progress quickly through this website for information on applications, products, installation details, finance and even arrange for a free in-home quote.

Choosing a new air conditioner isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. That’s because factors like size of your house, how many rooms it has, whether it’s one or multi-storey are just a few of the variables that can impact an air conditioner’s efficiency and running costs. But if you follow a few tips, coming up with the right decision isn’t too difficult. Here is information about each type of air conditioning in easy to understand points:

Split System Refrigerated Air Conditioning


Cost effective for single room/area cooling and heating

  • Thermostat controlled and Timer as standard
  • Extremely efficient form of heating
  • Consider one unit for day area and one for bedroom
  • Multi head outlets available on one outside compressor
  • Outdoor Compressor in low traffic area
  • Operating costs
  • Cooling – 50m2 Family area approx. $500 PA 10m2 Bedroom approx. $50 per annum
  • Heating – 50m2 Family area approx. $400 PA10m2 Bedroom approx. $30 per annum
  • Low noise
  • Low service costs – approximately $130 every 2 years
  • Average cost to purchase & Installed
  • 50m2 Family area approx. $2500 – Bedroom approx. $1500

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning


Ideal Application: Any size family and house size situation.

  • The most desired form of cooling & heating.
  • You’re able to select your desired temperature.
  • You can ‘zone’ your home to reduce running costs
  • Extremely efficient form of heating.
  • Air recycled 13 times every hour allowing for quality air filtration.
  • Compressor placed outside home in low traffic area
  • Fan , ducting and fittings placed in roof cavity
  • Minimal noise – influenced by machine location and ductwork quality & design
  • Operating costs – 200m2 home approx. $1000 in summer and $800 in winter
  • Service costs – approximately $300 every 2 years
  • Average cost for 200m2 home – $9000 installed

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